Table of Contents

Welcome page:  Here I clarify my website’s name and tell a bit of my personal history on the autism spectrum.

Here’s where you come in:  Your feedback will help improve this website for the autism community.

A Peek Under The Mask:  Here I review some of the lessons I learned exorcising some of my personal dæmons at—of all places—a local children’s event.

A Comparison of Two Encounters:  Like many people both on and off the spectrum, I draw comfort and encouragement from my faith.  Here I compare my experiences at the children’s event referenced above to an incident in Nazarene scripture.

Situational Mutism v. “Nothing About Us Without Us”:  Here I discuss some of the conflicts between segments of the autism community and how they impacted my decision to come clean.

Cathexis: Between Shadow and Substance:  How thick (or thin) is the line between “real” and “pretend”?  Here I describe how merging the two could very well have saved a human life.

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e:El-ahrairah: Is there a Santa Claus?
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